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A Memorable Journey: Exploring City Life as a Blogger, Sales Rep, and Traveler


As a blogger, sales rep, and traveler, I embarked on a trip with the sole purpose of uncovering captivating stories in every city I encountered.

Whether for work or leisure, my mission was clear: to seek out cool spots for delicious food, drinks, and a vibrant atmospheres.

Ever since I discovered the possibility of becoming a traveling salesman, I had yearned for the chance to spread my wings. Finally, I attained my goal, and the feeling of accomplishment was unparalleled.

But what made this trip truly memorable was the company I kept. I had the chance to connect with the National Sales Coordinator, who turned out to be an awesome dude. Together, we hit the road hard, uncovering hidden gems and embracing the vibrant nightlife each city had to offer.

A day in Tacoma and Seattle was filled with an array of IPAs and various foods.

My palate matured as I savored each sip and bite, appreciating the flavors in a way I never had before.

The drive from Seattle to Oregon was simply breathtaking. An eclectic soundtrack accompanied us as Mother Nature showcased her best talents with picturesque scenery of pine trees, rivers, and lush green mountains.

However, as we entered Portland. an astonishing sight unfolded before our eyes. The city exposed the grim reality of a crumbling economy and a society ravaged by drug addiction. It was a stark contrast to the vibrant places I had explored in Seattle

Yet, amidst this chaos, we explored the city's nightlife, seeking solace and a taste of normalcy.

We indulged and relished the tranquil atmosphere of a cigar lounge, and immersed ourselves in diverse bars. We found a gem of a roof top bar with its breathtaking views of a ravaged city.

This unforgettable journey was  more than just a sales expedition. It was an adventure that opened my eyes to the beauty of new cities, the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of connections made on the road.

As we ventured from city to city, the people we met warmly received us. It was heartening to witness the gratitude they held for the representatives from the company that supports their livelihood.

And with every mile travelled and every experience gained, I knew that this journey was worth every moment

We ended our unforgettable venture shooting pool, accompanied by the delightful combination of IPA’s and amazing music.

Undeniably, my journey as a traveler, sales rep, and blogger was well worth it. It had been an exploration of tastes, a connection with people, and an immersion into fascinating city life. I emerged from my adventure enriched and inspired, ready to share my captivating experience with my readers.

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Paul Porter
Paul Porter
18 ส.ค. 2566

Nice blog. The best IPA's I've ever tasted were from Oregon. Both Oregon and Washington have some stunning views, especially after being raised in the desert.

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