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Transcending Space and Time; Discovering the magic of Pink Floyd

Updated: Jun 12, 2023


-- Check out the 'Thats Dope' Gallery for more Pics

Step into the time machine of memories and let me transport you back to a magical era—the mid-90s. Picture the sun-drenched streets, where the block was our kingdom and our youthful spirits soared high. We, a band of ten fearless souls, aged between twelve and fifteen, roamed the neighborhood on our bicycles and terrorized the 104 block of Stanford Ave. In the midst of our escapades, as the scorching sun weighed upon us, we sought solace in the front yards of any house that welcomed our weary bodies. And there, amid the sweltering summer air, we discovered a haven of music that transported us beyond our youthful bounds.

It was at the homies pad, where his dad would always bump his music loud. The intoxicating sounds of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" filled the very streets we roamed, weaving their way into the tapestry of our young minds, casting a spell that would linger for years to come.

Fast forward to a time when bud became my solace and our daily ritual of getting faded tamed the turbulence of maturity. We indulged and in the haze of our altered states, the familiar riffs of Pink Floyd's melodies would pierce through the smoky room, resounding with a timeless resonance. Those same songs that had captivated me in my youth, now served as the soundtrack to my altered consciousness, transcending time and space.

It was during these formative years that we ventured further into the realms of tripping out and expanding our minds. The introduction of psychedelics into our lives marked a profound turning point, forever altering the trajectory of our existence. As we tripped deeper into the mysteries unlocked by these substances, the messages embedded within Pink Floyd's music became a guiding light, shaping our perception of the world and ourselves.

And so, the years rolled on, carrying us through the many ups and downs of life.

Then a tradition was born—a “Man Trip" to the Colorado River, a gathering of kindred spirits seeking solace on a boat beneath the starry night sky, shrouded in a cloud of potent smoke. And we would take in the ethereal melodies of Pink Floyd filling the air, their cosmic vibrations intertwining with our collective consciousness. We would surrender to the timeless anthem of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," a fitting homage from the iconic album "Wish You Were Here." I encourage you to embark on your own sonic odyssey, to explore the vast collection of Pink Floyd's music and allow it to carry your soul to uncharted territories. These moments make me wish I was born in a different era so I could have the chance to experience them play live.

In January 2022, my nephew and I enjoyed an incredible experience

—THE PINK FLOYD EXHIBITION: THEIR MORTAL REMAINS, a testament to the band's impact on the world. As we walked through the hallowed halls of the exhibition in Hollywood, we marveled at the artifacts and stories that brought to life the mind-molding power, the self-expression, and the soul exploration that Pink Floyd had bestowed upon generations. It was a testament to the profound influence of music as a catalyst for transformation.

--Check out the 'That Dope' gallery for more pics

So, my friend, I invite you to embark on your own journey, guided by the harmonies and lyrics of Pink Floyd. Allow their music to take you, to expand your mind, and to touch the depths of your soul. Let the melodies carry you back in time and return you to the present with a renewed perspective, for within the tapestry of Pink Floyd's artistry lies a timeless invitation.


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Jun 13, 2023

Funny, because the first time I ever listened "The Dark Side of the Moon" was with you and the family during a night boating on the lake-before the boys were born. Nearly thirteen years later it still reminds me of the trip, and the star sky blending with the reflective lake for a psychedelic "which way is up or down" moment.

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